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“It’s music”- Basement Town 

“Basement Town? More like Based-ment Town.”- Tyler Graves

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Basement Town?

Basement Town is the solo project of 16-year-old musician and songwriter Matt Alkenbrack. His music blends Alternative and Art Rock styles to create an emotional, yet experimental sound. Alkenbrack cut his teeth in the YGK music scene as the drummer for the punk rock duo Playsafe alongside bassist and vocalist Tyler Graves. Formed in late 2017 when both musicians were just 13, the band has grown a significant cult following in the Greater Kingston Area due to their explosive live performances with other bands such as Reckless 4 and The Astros.


In January of 2020, Alkenbrack released a demo version of "Falling" that was recorded in his basement for a sound engineering class that semester. Thus he chose the name "Basement Town." Although he didn't consider it a serious project at first, he decided to continue writing and releasing music under the Basement Town alias. Alkenbrack continues to balance his duties as the sole member of Basement Town, and drummer of Playsafe. He is working closely with his best friend, Graves, who has contributed his mastery of the low end to Alkenbrack's debut EP. "why i don't wanna die" is out now wherever you get your music, as well as in CD format. Subscribe to the mailing list for weekly Basement Town updates.

Basement Town fun fact: Tyler once caught a fish THIS BIG


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